Interest Led Learning

Allowing my kids to focus on their interests has enabled them to pursue some interesting topics which I would have never thought to teach them. For instance, my youngest son is fascinated with magic and card tricks in particular. He has spent hours on Youtube learning how to do these stunts. Often he amazes his dad and me with his sleight of hand.

Out of this, he has developed a desire to become a Gospel magician. I love the fact that he has found a profession that he will love and hopefully will provide for his future family and him.

My daughter has spent much of her free time teaching herself how to write fantasy. She hopes to make a career of this much like Christopher Paolini has.

My oldest son prefers to spend his time in the kitchen. He would love to become a baker. His inspiration has come from shows like “Cake Boss”.

No matter what your child’s favorite interest, there is probably some way to turn it into a future career. So let them at it!

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