I HATE Math!!

Have you ever seen this scrawled across one of your child’s math worksheets?? I know I have! If you have, then chances are your child has math anxiety. This is quite common. There are steps you can take to help make things easier for your child. The more anxious they are about doing math, the less they will be able to learn the concepts you are attempting to teach.

  • Make sure they get a good foundation in the basic math facts.
  • Give them plenty of math practice but make it fun.
  • Try to be patient with them. If they sense your frustration, they will become upset with their own lack of understanding which only perpetuates a vicious circle.
  • Keep in mind that some kids just don’t have a ‘head for math’. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t learn the basics. It just means that they probably aren’t going to ever love math or excel in it like those for whom it comes naturally.

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