365 Days

The end of the year will soon be here. 365 days is a long time. So many things happen along life’s journey. Some things are just run of the mill everyday activities. There are also lots of days of joy about a new family member being born, a lost tooth, a favorite birthday gift, a special Mother-Daughter day or a special Father-son day, finally memorizing your multiplication facts, the loss of a family pet, a best friend moving away, getting stitches, moving into a new house, an awesome vacation, winning the homeschool co-op’s spelling bee… Memories are made everyday.

It might be fun for you and your kids to write down your memories so you can read them many years down the road. I would also suggest that you begin a scrapbook for the new year. It can be a fun educational project because it involves writing, art, history, math…Most of all, it helps the family bond.

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